Sinemart at Glance


The Journey Started

Sinemart was established in 2003 by its founders; Leo Sutanto, Sentot Sahid, Heru Hendriyarto and Lala Hamid. Our main founder, Mr.Sutanto was a well-known name in the entertainment business especially the movie industry in Indonesia. The most significant contribution he made, which became part of his legacy, was his FTV program which was the first show TV -Movie in Indonesia. Throughout 25 years of his career in the industry, Mr.Sutanto was longing for his passion to tell good stories. Hence, Sinemart was formed.

Our first project was “Malam Pertama” (2003), a series developed for SCTV that received nominations. Ut the first big break was our adaptation for “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?”(2003) into TV Series. The audition for the cast also creates a breakthrough in the entertainment industry, which was the first reality TV audition that attracted large numbers of applicants and also watched by large numbers of audience nation – wide.

Since then, Sinemart has become one of the major players in the entertainment industry in Indonesia. The range and the growth of the company has increased significantly since it was founded. Currently, we have developed over 150 titles for television with thousands air time running for television. Sinemart Pictures division also has managed to make 20 movies. Until now, all our production always guarantee high ratings and satisfactory response from national and international public (especially Southeast Asia).


Destination’s Journey

Sinemart, which was derived from three which are ‘Sinema’, ‘Art’ and ‘Market’ truly portrays what the company is all about. Sinemart is trying to create the prefect blend of art into the market that is being visualized inti cinema. As previouslty mentioned, the vision of our founder to tell good stories still remains our company’s oundation to develop a TV series or a movie.

What defines a good story clearly differ for each person, but how we tell the story is what differentiates us from the others. Our style is what we called somewhat in the middle of art and commercial, which we believe could grab the attention to all age groups from different backgrounds and different interests.

Exclusive yet approachable, perfectly describe how we want to be portrayed. We will do and promote our work to the maximum but in a way where it still fel reachable for our audience. It is our pledge to continue our contribution to the legacy of Indonesian film industry by always looking and giving opportunities for fresh talents, groundbreaking presentations, and (of course) inspirational stories to tell.